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ASOIU’s students undertaking successful internship are provided with job

On September 8 an event on awarding students of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) was held at the Biological Medicine Clinic.

Gasimova Nazenin, Abbasov Murad, Gasimli Afig, Mammadov Tunar and Farziyev Amrah - students of the ASOIU's Department of Instrument Engineering majoring in Biomedical Technology Engineering underwent daily clinical internship at the Biological Medicine Clinic from July 26 to August 25 in current year. They learned the application methods of the theoretical knowledge they gained during their clinical practice. Students starting with what devices and methods are used to conduct clinical laboratory tests have increased their knowledge and skills through undertaking internship in the departments of plasmapheresis, all types of physiotherapy devices, ophthalmology, X-ray, CT, encephalography. The founder of the Medical Clinic, Elkhan Yagubov as an AzII graduate paid special attention to our students to undertake internship and created a wide range of opportunities for them in the clinic in order to gain medical and technological knowledge and form practical knowledge.

As a result, 5 ASOIU students were awarded certificates during the awarding ceremony held today at the Biological Medicine Clinic with the participation of the clinic's administration and doctors, and it was   noted that one student was provided with a job after the internship.   At the same time, other students undertaking internship were offered new jobs.

Rector of ASOIU, Professor Mustafa Babanli joined the awarding ceremony online, expressed his gratitude to the administration of the Biological Medicine Clinic and congratulated the students who undertook internship successfully. He noted that today, along with the development of science and education, ASOIU closely collaborates with industrial enterprises, companies and government agencies. Undertaking successful internship and timely employment of university students is the important part of ASOIU's development strategy. In his speech, Professor Mustafa Babanli also noted that the specialty of Biomedical Technology Engineering is always actual and it is important for students studying in this field to develop not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills.

Noting that AzII students are always distinguish, Elkhan Yagubov, the founder of the Biological Medicine Clinic underlined that they need students not only to undertake internship, but also to work as a permanent employee in the clinic. In their speech, the doctors of the clinic also expressed their contentment with ASOIU students and stressed that they were active during the internship. Making a speech, Lala Bakirova, Head of the Department of Instrument Engineering of ASOIU, Doctor of Technical Sciences, noted that our students have mastered the educational program and  justified themselves during the internship. She underlined that this advantage plays a special role in the employment of ASOIU students. She said that the cooperation between the Biological Medicine Clinic and ASOIU will continue and highlighted that our students will undertake internship and train as specialists by taking advantage of the condition created here.

At the end, ASOIU and clinic exchanged views on the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation and it was stressed that cooperation will continue in the new direction.