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ASOIU attends in the next conference within the framework of "UniLab" project

On November 18 within the framework of the "Unilab" project Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University attended the online conference organized by the Siberian Federal University.

The online group discussion titled "Practical internship: Development Vectors and Interaction Mechanisms" featured discussion on the internship and career opportunities of Russian universities, as well as suggestions for improving students' practical skills.

The organizer of the conference, Svetlana Ulina from the Siberian Federal University, spoke about the activities of the university she represents with career centers and enterprises on the basis of the "single window principle" and made a broad presentation.

The conference also noted the importance of involving students in initial practical internship and improving skills in this area, featured discussion on the activities of "Career Centers", as well as working mechanisms to support the provision of graduates with job, proposals were made and the importance of cooperation to solve existing problems were discussed.

Shahin Goyushov Head of the Practical Internship Division of ASOIU, Doctor of Philosophy in Technology spoke about the work done in the field of practical internship at ASOIU and the activities of the career center, touched upon the current importance of the issues discussed.

ASOIU's students Gamar Suleymanova, Elsun Azizov and Rana Bayramova, who attended the conference, also took an active part in the discussions and made their proposals in this area.

Notably, within the framework of the "Erasmus + KA2" program funded by European Union (EU) ASOIU has joined Unilab project "Market in the 21st Century: A Step Forward in Work-based Placements" on January 1, 2020. The main goal of the UniLab (University - Labor Market) project is to contribute to the modernization of the higher education sector in three partner countries - Azerbaijan, Belarus and Russia