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Civil defense issues are constantly in the spotlight of ASOIU

On the decision of the General Assembly of the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO), since 1972, every year on the 1st of March is celebrated as the International Civil Defense Day. At present, the ICDO includes more than 50 countries of the world. Our country has joined this prestigious organization since 1993.

In December 2005, by the order of the President of the country, the Civil Defense Department was included in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The civil defense organization in Azerbaijan specializes in several areas. The organization includes the State Fire Protection Service, Special Risky Rescue Service, State Water Rescue Service and the Caspian Basin Accident-Rescue Service. The logistical supply of the Civil Defense Troops, as well as the provision of personal staff is constantly under state control. The main objectives are to generalize and disseminate experience in the field of civil protection, to draw the attention of the population and students in order to master the rules of behavior, to use personal protective equipment, in one word, to teach the rules theoretically and practically, to train and improve the staff of the CD, as well as to organize interstate mutual assistance in case of natural disasters and major accidents. Every year, International Civil Defense Day is dedicated to a specific problem.

 Ensuring the protection of the population is the main task of the civil defense authorities. For this purpose, international seminars and meetings on civil defense are held, and an exhibition of civil defense forces and equipment is organized.

The importance of following the rules of hygiene and the threat posed to each family in the real situation by the potential dangers existing in our country and around the world, is a matter of informing the population about prophylactic measures aimed at preventing the spread of viruses, which is important today.

Civil defense is a nationwide effort and every citizen of Azerbaijan should learn security issues during disasters and emergencies, and be able to protect themselves, their families, children and the elderly people. Tragic events happen not only in times of war, but also in times of natural disasters, people should constantly learn how to avoid such situations, even in times of natural disasters, man-made disasters, bacteriological and virological diseases, improve their knowledge and skills.

A lot of work has been done in ASOIU in this area: CD troops have been established, an emergency commission (ESC) has been established, functional duties of the staff leading the CD structure have been determined. Classes and trainings held with the staff of the CD are a key factor in strengthening their preparedness for emergencies.

At the same time, the existence of security devices, personal protective equipment, provision of CD troops with modern equipment and devices are important. Depending on the nature of the emergency situation, the work carried out by the ESC and CD headquarters in this area is always in the focus of the administration. The nationwide essence of civil defense, its organizational structure and the importance of its measures are determined by the participation of the population in these measures. Preparation for emergencies that happened or will happen, implementation of preventive measures, successful elimination of the consequences of emergency is a system of security measures that provides for the joint activities of CD agencies and other government agencies.

As science and technology develop, the emergence of new industrial areas increases the urgency of the tasks of the CD. Civil defense lessons are necessary in all universities for students to act properly in emergency situations, to save themselves from dangers, as well as to be able to help other people.

During emergencies, every citizen of Azerbaijan must assist in the elimination of the consequences of accidents, rescue operations within the scope of their knowledge and skills. This is one of the important issues aimed at increasing the level of training of employees working in the field of CD and the population.

Chief of ASOIU civil defense headquarter Elshan Mammadov.