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Projects of ASOIU teachers moved to the next stage of the project "Skills for the Future"

The interview stage of the project "Skills for the future", which is being implemented by the "Innovation Center" operating under the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and universities participating in the project, has come to an end.

To transition to the next component of the project, “the Mentoring Specialization Program”, the jury interviewed 50 faculty members from 4 universities, including the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU), which signed a Memorandum of Understanding and joined the project. According to the results of the interviews, in total, out of 20 teachers, 5 from each university were qualified for the next stage. The teachers of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, who passed to the next stage - Elviz Ismayilov, Aysel Sadigova, Fuad Ibrahimov, Asmat Akhmedova, and Fuad Agayev.

Notably, during the "Mentoring Specialization Program", which will last one month, starting in September, specialists will conduct training sessions for project participants on topics such as startup and incubation processes, mentoring activities and their roadmaps, project process management, etc. Physical pieces of training will be conducted on these topics and project participants will be provided with specialization as mentors.

Recall that the goal of the "Skills for the Future" project is to increase human resources in the field of innovation, support innovation in education, support students in the educational process to develop innovative ideas, and guide students to discoveries and inventions that play an important role in the technological development of the country.