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SOCAR AQS to conduct unique geophysical operations at West Absheron Field

SOCAR AQS completed the works on construction of exploration well # 10, with target depth of 735 m, successfully, without any incidents and without harming the environment.

It should be noted that the company has performed many first of its kind activities for the purpose of investigating the potential of the West Absheron Field. As a result of the conducted geological and geophysical surveys several interpretations about the field have been made, including, but not limited to, calculation of the formation pressure, acquisition of core samples in different depths, and determination of the reservoir characteristics, oil and gas saturations, geological cross-section and dips of the formations.

Well-side geologist of the offshore platform №10, Arif Safarov said: “Results of the specifically conducted geological and geophysical surveys in the field will also provide a solid foundation for the commencement of a brand new period in the history of the field. Thus, prediction and prevention of the possible geological problems will be deemed possible which will in turn result in a substantial increase in terms of safety of well drilling and completion, on-point decision-making related to completion methods, and production of the gas-condensate resources!”

Our company attaches a great importance not only to drilling the wells in a short time period during its activities, but also to the provision of safety, protection of the environment and high quality of services during all stages of operation.

The Customer of drilling works is Azneft Production Unit.

Note for editors:

SOCAR AQS LLC was established as an integrated drilling and well services management company between the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic and Absheron Drilling Company in 2007. Main scope of activities of the company is provision of work and services related with drilling of oil and gas wells, including: well design and planning; drilling of oil and gas wells; drilling of directionally deviated wells; drilling of horizontal wells; well completion; well workover; sidetracking and drilling of multilateral wells.

Currently, SOCAR AQS implements works on drilling the wells from platforms 7 and 11 located on Shallow Water Gunashli Field, platform 10 on the West Absheron fixed and from fixed platform 6 located on the Bulla Field.

The company is a contractor member of IADC since 2009. SOCAR AQS has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 international standards for Provision of Integrated Offshore Oil & Gas Drilling and Well Services; Casing Running Services and BOP and Wellhead Equipment Repairing and Testing Services. 

In 2017, SOCAR AQS have been certified as meeting the requirements of the API Spec Q2 Quality Management System Standard for the Provision of Integrated Offshore Oil & Gas Drilling & Well Services.

SOCAR AQS”s shareholders are SOCAR and Nobel Oil Services.