Academic Services Office

The Academic Services Office of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) is a structural subdivision responsible for operations relating to coordination, planning, organization and monitoring of the educational process.  


   The main areas of activity of the Academic Services office are


  • Preparation of orders for students admitted to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees of ASOIU at the beginning of each academic year based on the orders provided by the State Examination Center (SEC) and acquisition of their personnel files from Dean’s offices, elaboration of students’ orders and their inclusion into personnel files;

  • Scheduling of training sessions and monitoring of the course progress;

  • Planning, distribution of the teaching workload for the academic year and monitoring of its implementation;
  • Preparation of orders relating to the educational process and student scholarships;

  • Preparation and legalization of documents on students’ withdrawal, readmission, transfer, change of qualification, repetition, academic leave, and return from academic leave;

  • Organization of training, production, research and scientific-pedagogical internships, the conclusion of contracts with enterprises for their conduction, preparation of internship orders;

  • Military registration of students, sending of relevant forms and information, extracts from orders to the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription offices;

  • Conduction of examination sessions and liquidation of academic debts;

  • Organization of activities on defending Bachelor’s and Master’s theses;

  • Preparation of reports on ASOIU graduates, acquisition, designing, registration and issuance of higher education diplomas and diploma supplements;

  • Collection of required documents for issuance of duplicate diplomas and their legalization after consideration of the relevant commission;

  • Preparation of yearly statistical reports;

  • Registration of documents received for execution from the Registrar’s Office, monitoring of their execution and placement of the executed documents and orders;

  • Preparation of responses to inquiries from offices, enterprises and organizations, and different types of statements and letters.

  Head of Office

 Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Latifa Mammadova



Tel: +994 12 493 28 46