Education at ASOIU

The training of specialists and staff at Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) is currently implemented based on the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Education Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decrees and resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Education Reform Program and other legal and regulatory documents.

The preparation of specialists at ASOIU is carried out at all three higher education levels, namely Bachelor’s, Master and Doctorate degrees. There are currently 7 faculties and 24 departments functioning within the university. Up to 14000 students, including 437 in SABAH groups and 579 at UFAZ, are enrolled in Bachelor’s degrees in various scientific areas.  2371 students continue their education at Master’s degree, and 316 Doctorate students are involved in research activities.                                                        


An academic staff consisting of 606 professors and teachers is presently engaged in education at ASOIU. 51 of them are professors, 271 associate professors, 186 teachers and 54 senior lecturers.


As of the 2014/2015 academic year, SABAH groups have been established to improve the quality of teaching at ASOIU, create a new and diverse environment in the higher education system, train educated, skilled and well-prepared students, and provide the staff training according to the increasing demands of the labour market. At present, 333 students study in SABAH groups, while 135 teachers conduct teaching of corresponding disciplines on various specializations using modern methods.


Over 300 international students from Turkey, Russia, China, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Greece, Yemen, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, USA, Great Britain and other countries currently study at ASOIU.



7 students of ASOIU receive Presidential Scholarship, 3 - A.Mirzajanzadeh's Scholarship, 2 - Academician Y.Kh. Mammadaliev's, 2 - Academician M.F.Nagiev's, 2 - Academician Kh.B.Yusifzade's, 2 - A.Akhundov's, 2 - Ch.Juvarly's, 2- A.A.Alizade's, 2 - N.Ganjavi's, 2 - Academician I.Ibragimov's.

18 UFAZ students receive a scholarship named after Movsum bey Khanlarov.

More than 5,000 students receive state scholarships.


ASOIU has 2 research laboratories. The university also extends teaching and practical internships to strengthen students’ practical knowledge and skills obtained in audiences and laboratories. According to the teaching plan and schedule, students studying at ASOIU participate in education and practical training at different companies each year. The university cooperates with 42 enterprises in the field of practical internships. The leading base companies in close collaboration with the university are SOCAR, Ethylene-Polyethylene plant of Azerkimiya Production Union, Baku Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery, SOCAR Department of Geophysics and Geology.