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B АГУНП прошел веб-семинар

On November 28 a web-seminar was organized by the BA (MBA, BBA) programs of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU).

The seminar held at a moderating of teacher Agil Valiyev, entitled "Writing research projects under research and development grant programs (Azerbaijan, Romania and Greece experiences)" was attended by the Deputy director of BA programs of ASOIU, Associate Professor Naila Hasanova, academic staff and students of ZU groups.

Opening the seminar, the Deputy Director of BA Programs, Associate Professor N. Hasanova provided comprehensive information on ASOIU BA programs.

Then at the seminar Konstantin Kyrychenko, Head of International relations departmentof Sumy State University, Ukraine, Professor Hanna Shvindina, Spiros Voulgaris project manager of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Greece joined seminar online and shared their experiences on writing research projects with students.

Notably, the main purpose of holding the seminar was to improve students' knowledge and skills in scientific and research projects, to study the experience of different universities and organizations in the field of science and research, as well as to establish a direct link between our university and foreign universities and organizations.